Snowbird, USA


This is our first published expansion, made for the Snowbird ski resort in the US. It is a far more complex board than Saun and uses the US system of ski run designation, i.e. instead of red and black runs, there are black and double diamond black runs.  The principles remain the same though and the game is highly competitive with so many runs to chose from.


All cards and locations are based on the real restaurants and features of Snowbird with images from the resort itself.  This allows you to get to know the pistes and restaurants and plan your next day skiing at Snowbird.


It is currently available through Gamecrafter and we hope to have it resort shortly.


Borovets, Bulgaria


This one is very much work in progress but could be available soon subject to resort approval.


Borovets is one of our personal favorite ski resorts and we love the skiing, restaurants and food available there.  Tree covered ski runs make magical images for the cards.  The board is simple and like the resort has three key areas, but it is hard to plan and ski to maximise your points.


Zel am See, Austria


Work is now complete on the Zel am See expansion. This board uses the piste map as the base and as with Snowbird uses real locations and images from the resort.


This expansion also adds new rules for snowparlks with new opportunities to score point, with new targets and snowpark piste cards.

St Foy, France


Complete and awaiting play testing.


St Foy is a very compact resort with few lifts.  You can get around very quickly and points rack up fast.  This one uses real locations and restaurants as well and will really help you maximise your skiing in St Foy.


Le Tour Chamonix, France


Designed as an alternative starter game to Saun the board for Le Tour is very simple.  You can travel around very quickly but take care with limited lifts it can be tricky getting back to the village and day end without careful planning.


This one is not a priority to complete and with Saun already available and fully tested may never make it to publication.


What's next?


If you have a special resort you'd like to publicise or would love to see a game board for, please tell us by contacting us.