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Ski the Mountain was designed to be a resort based game from the outset.

Saun used for the base game is made up.  Already there is an expansion deck available for Saun.  This includes a new set of targets and ski runs adding up to 6 players to the game and green runs.  There are also a new array of event cards that add new twists to the game.

Also complete are specialised decks for:

  • ZEL AM SEE, Austria

  • LES ARCS, France

  • BOROVETS, Bulgaria



  • LES DEUX ALPES, France

Each of these themed decks includes the mountain restaurants in resort, the ski run names, piste map and targets that can be visited or seen.  You could treat it as your game guide to the resort.

There is also an expansion set of new Runs, Targets, Grand Tours and Event cards for Les Arcs

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